Monday, September 18, 2017

Still alive and well

Damn it's been forever here that I last posted anything, but no worries, life happened.

Been my plan for so long to find a suiting sculpt and body for Sandy from RotG. Found it recently! A LittleMonica Jeremy who will go on a DollFamily-H chubby baby body. Getting the body in exchange for a sewing commission, the one I'm sewing for had a DF-H Kelasi who needed a good loving home, and hey, paying with resin is just as good as paying with money.

Soon able to send the last payment on a body for the remaining floatie here and no more floaties! Can't wait to have the body home and see the owner of said body on it. Really do hope it'll fit and will work out, but should, have checked measurements twice to make sure, but you know, you always have your doubts.

Also have quite a Frankenstein project on my hands lately. Got a Luts body where the hands and feet were missing. Or, the feet where there but on one of them the ankle part was missing, so it'll get a pair from ResinSoul. Hands will be a pair of jointed hands from DikaDoll. Will have an AprilStory Spring SE residing on it once I get string and s-hooks home. Not sure of who he'll get to me in the end, but it's fine when he's all in pieces atm.

Mr. NoName

Major Box Hoarder

Thursday, November 24, 2016

20 questions

1.How long have you been collecting?

Going strong on 9 years and don't see any reason for it to stop any time soon

2.What do you collect?


3.How many dolls do you have?

Soon to be 62 ranging from 13cm all the way up to 75cm

4.Which of your collections are you the most proud of? Why?

Only have BJDs so pretty self explanatory

5.Which single doll cost you the most money? (Relatively and literally)

DollShe Saint in dark grey skin. Cost me near $800, no regrets!

6.Which doll line is your favorite to collect and why?

Any and all sizes, don't have one single favourite size no more. Once I was all, "only SDs!", but then things changed and yeah.

7.What made you want to collect dolls?

My first impulse to get one was that I found them wicked cool and simply wanted one for myself, then came the aspect of being able to paint, sew and do all sorts of creative things.

8.Which is your most wanted doll right now?

DOD Elf Ducan, but I'm hesitant about getting him home as I don't want the awe I have for this particular sculpt to deflate and this feeling of "was that it?". Perhaps it won't happen at all, but I'm content of having him wait, I can wait.

9.Which of your previously most wanted dolls do you have now?

Well, I'm more prone to stumble across some sculpts and go from there. Kindof impulsively gotten them home one after the other because something about them spoke to me, or, I had a particular thought in mind of this or that and found a suiting sculpt.

10.What is the most dolls you have gotten at once?

Was either 2 or 3, can't remember as it is a while back, but was pretty damn awesome getting to greet so many pretty new faces!

11.Which is your least favorite doll?

Don't have any, why would I want it around if I didn't like it? Seems silly to me.

12.Which of your dolls has the best story (in your life and in theirs?)

I don't really know to be honest

13.What do you do with your dolls?

Sew for, take pictures of, build props for, modifications, paints them. All the things!

14.Are there any other collections that you want to start?

Perhaps Azone at some point, but not yet

15.Which of your dolls would you most like to be? Why?

I just want me to be me and have them be them.

16.Do people know that you collect dolls/toys?

Most of my family does and the few friends I have already in the hobby

17.Does your family support your collection?

They do

18.What was your first doll/toy collection that you can remember? Do you still have them?

I vaguely remember having a sizeable collection of teddybears as a small child

19.Which doll started each of your collections?

DOD Homme Ducan

20.What is your favorite place to shop for dolls?

Here, there, everywhere. I don't have a steady go to place. But I do like doing business with Jeeryama from time to time and Angelesque.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dress For Liam - Slow Progress Is Better Than No Progress

Seen as I had to sew tubing and everything by hand (my sewing machine is taking some sick leave) I came up with the brilliant idea of hot gluing ribbon to the steel wiring, tying them together and afterwards glue ribbons onto each hoop. Much easier, simpler and a lot less time consuming. I know, I know, it's kind of cheating, but I actually love the result!

Added some more ribbon in between to give the bottom hoop some more stability.

Also got a bit work put down with the chemise and bloomers, albeit not as much as I wanted, but it's coming together alright.

Got a single sleeve attached but not sewn together. Considering adding some lace to the sleeves to make them just a tiny bit longer, but don't know...

Will be getting home this lace to use around the waist and pant legs of the bloomers, and to gather the neck of the chemise by the use of ribbons.

Soon enough I won't be able to go much further with the underwear until said lace arrives in the mail.

Also got this petticoat made out of some organza, hope it will add just a little poof to the skirt that will go over it. Should be able to as the fabric is thin and light and shouldn't weigh it down too much. Will see once I get to the main one-piece skirt!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Dress For Liam - Humble Beginnings


Pumpkin bloomers
Long white socks
Hoop crinoline


One-piece dress
Spoon bonnet


Box/boxes for everything


Corset already made, bought secondhand, removed all of the decor on the front, dyed it in coffee, laced it back up and used purple grosgrain ribbon in the back.

Bloomers are currently being sewn together ever so slowly. The chemise will be made of same semi stretch, light purple fabric. Will either buy or sew some socks, not really sure yet.

The crinoline will consist of two hoops, really super simple, only want it to keep the skirt looking voluminous so don't really need more. Will be sewing a petticoat to drape over it.

The one piece will have puffy long sleeves, kept simple with not too much distracting decor, there will be pleated ruffles at the hem of the skirt. Will close with snaps at the back. Will be using this fabric for the dress:

Will either dye it in coffee or tea as I want it to have the air of being old even though it really isn't.

The cape will be made out of white woolen fabric with a removeable hood and holes for hands to go through. There will be a muff made out of fake fur fabric with a sting so it can be carried around the neck.

Spoon bonnet already made and currently neatly packet away in a self made hatbox.

Will bring updates along the way, hopefully I will manage to finish all of this before Christmas!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

SD sized Spoon Bonnet

This spoon bonnet has been a project nearly 2½ years underway… I knew it was a long time ago I started drawing patterns, cutting out fabrics and all that jazz, but not that long!
Anyway, long story short, today I sat down, needle and thread in hand, and went to work. Some 3 hours later, give and take, this is what it all looked like. Gone are all the ugly seams (which I spared you from seeing in any pictures at all), hidden behind satin fabric, out with the glue gun to add plenty of flowers and bows. I’m considering sewing another one because, why not?
Right now I’d just wish I could find fabric like the one I’ve used here for the hat to make a matching dress from. Definitely need to make some dress or other to go with this!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Of face-ups and splurging

In the span of, well, not very long I've gotten 9 gorgeous faces painted, just like that. I've gotten my Face-up Waiting List down from 16 to just 7. I'm pretty damn proud of myself, those face-ups have been long overdue >>

These are all the lucky ones. It's so good to finally see them with a bit of pink in their cheeks! Out of the remaining 7 still in need to be painted only two of them are really ready. Three of them are still floaties (I know there's a floatie up there among the lucky 9, but his body is on the way), one of those floaties have quite a few mods I still need to finish, and I don't know exactly when they will all have bodies. The remaining two are on their way where one should arrive some point next month and the other in December at some point if there is such luck to be found. But hey, soon they're all painted, on bodies and all there's left to worry about will be getting them all urethane eyes and more clothing, shoes, accessories and whatnot! 

So that body I mentioned up there, yeah, it'll be a DC Kid boy body and with it, I really couldn't stop myself, an Akagi You Yue head through AlicesCollections. I already have a body from there and since the match was terrible for a head that should have been on it I thought to myself I might as well just do it. Ever since I saw that sculpt I just wanted him home, just because of reasons. I don't even know who he is, where he's from, only thing I have sown is his name; Soren. But it's fine, I'll figure him out soon enough, I have plenty of time before he's shipped on his way here.
Staying on the subject, I'm also going to be getting a SoulDoll Double boy body home next month. I don't know which of the 3 floaties will match but I'll find out, whichever one of them it is will have to be painted meaning one less on that waiting list.

And because I love spending money (lol, who doesn't?) I went and bought a bunch of clothing and some shoes for the two guys from LumeDoll who hasn't got anything besides pyjamas to wear, and frankly, I'm getting real tired of it. This is the fancy new rags they will come to wear, looking forward to seeing them in it and shooting up some pictures of the two, it's been much too long here that they last posed for the camera.

Also bought a few fancy bits from MoriTime on etsy, Norman needed some shoes to go with a most gorgeous dress from AyuAna, here being worn by Michel

And MoriTime had these most adorable blue satin Mary Janes and of course I had to have a set of clothing with them as well, that's only natural, right? 

So, getting the outfit to your left, just with a pink shirt instead of blue. Not sure who it'll be for, might see how it looks on Michel (cutie in the above picture wearing that dress) and if it suits him it'll be all his for eternity. Though I can't imagine a scenario in which he won't get to be one cutiepatootie wearing it, so yeah.

Friday, September 2, 2016

30 Day BJD Photo Challenge!

Thought we needed some more BJD challenges, so made one!

30 days, 30 pictures with each their theme or a thing for you to showcase in a photograph. Much like the 30 Day BJD challenge, just all pictures instead.

Day 1 - Meet the crew!
Day 2 - First ever picture
Day 3 - Size difference, smallest doll compared to the largest
Day 4 - In the nude, or body among your crew you like the best
Day 5 - Sewing/crafts corner
Day 6 - First face-up you made
Day 7 - Pile of blankets
Day 8 - All the shoes!
Day 9 - Hide and seek
Day 10 - Exploring
Day 11 - Current project
Day 12 - Latest picture
Day 13 - All the eyes!
Day 14 - Profile
Day 15 - Oldest doll
Day 16 - Show us your couples!
Day 17 - Latest face-up you made
Day 18 - Shadows
Day 19 - All the clothing!
Day 20 - B/W
Day 21 - Money
Day 22 - Show us your art supplies!
Day 23 - All the wigs!
Day 24 - Glomp!
Day 25 - Pull off a crazy pose with your least best posing doll
Day 26 - Newest doll
Day 27 - All the props!
Day 28 - Workout
Day 29 - Sick
Day 30 - Farewell 

Feel free to spread this one around and perhaps link back here?
Have fun! :D