Robe a la Française Inspired Ball Gown (miniature)

This dress only came to be because I had to sew a new one for an exhibition competition, one held at the first ever Danish BJD convention. Found out that there were some space restrictions, and the dress I was working on far exceeded those by more than double. It made me put the dress I was already working on on-hold and pour all of my time and energy into this project instead. I must say it was torture not to simply share it all with people, but did cave in and posted a few teaser bits here and there, just couldn't help it.

Already being immersed in all things ruffles, crinoline cages, and historical inspired dress making, it was pretty easy coming up with a new idea. Because of it having to be that much smaller (not exceeding 30cmx30cm all too much) I chose to make it for an MSD. Never sown anything like this for such a small size, but I was all up for the challenge!

The lucky victim, my little porcelain beauty: Norman

(DF-A Bach WS hybrid DC Kid boy body WS)

Cotton vo…