Jacket - wip

Got a second mockup of the jacket made today that actually fit pretty well, only needs to be taken in a bit more in the sides, bigger holes for the sleeves, and need to add a bit more to the width of the bottom of the jacket. First I wasn’t sure about adding the pleats, but that was before I could see how it would actually look. Going to bend the edge down as I find it looks too messy like this. To hide the ribbon in the back I have a big bow, made from that flowery fabric, laying around that will cover it all up nicely. This project is getting more and more exciting, damn!

Main skirt - fin!

Had a few busy days celebrating Christmas with my family and thus didn't get any sewing done. Didn't get to sew a whole lot today either, or well, I did, just didn't feel like it as it was a lot of sameness. Anywho.

Before the holidays I had made a fuckton of pleats. Did have enough fabric for it (yay!) so began pleating around 8m of fabric to turn it into some 2,64m in the end.

Then, today, I finally got the pleats attached along with the pearl and lace trim. Looks a lot better with those pleats beneath it, looked so off when just by itself.

And because The pleats screamed for something more I added some, I really can't remember what this kind of lace is called, lace where I could pull some ribbon through and tie some bows along the way.

See, isn't that a lot better now? I absolutely love how this looks! Wish I had my stand home, ordered one up as it got ridiculous getting him to stand and not worry that he'd fall face first. Then it'd be much easier shoot…

Main skirt - wip

Got the main skirt sewn together today! Almost finished, just need a bit of decoration along the edge else I don't think I will do much more to it. Have a feeling that with the flowery print a ton of details will just make it a big ol' mess to look at.


Got the patterns laid out yesterday and got them all cut out today, then pinned them all together and it was off to the sewing machine!

After about an hour of sewing I ended up with this:

 Still plenty to sew yet! Went to work on the waistband, a lot of pleats later and I was about ready to attach it.

After that I absolutely HAD to see it on, and I wasn't disappointed!

Like just look at that! Almost doesn't need any decoration at all, well, had I had enough fabric left  I would have made a pleated ruffle all along the edge (need some for the jacket, not much, but enough for me not to have several meters for pleats).

Had to take some of the length off, but not too much, about 2cm was all fine considering I will ma…

SD Sized Petticoat - fin

I started sewing this almost a week ago now, and today I finally finished it. Took quite some time and perhaps I should have found an actual pattern for the various pieces, but I didn't. In any case, here's a little walkthrough of the various steps.

Started out with the bottom pieces, a row of ruffles and a piece of fabric underneath. Little over 3m of ruffles had to be attached on a 1,5m long piece of fabric.
 As I found the fabric a bit barren just like than I chose to add some lace.

And a bit of ribbon. I know you wont see the petticoat, but I like the little details here and there.
Sewing the waistband was a tricky part. Think mainly because the pattern I used was fit for a round crinoline cage. Actually did sew one on there but ended up having to remove part of it and re-do it. Was too big, and we can't have that. Also had to remove some of the fabric as there is a lot of it, reason for all of those pleats. Part of me kind of wants to take it apart again and have the …

SD sized Victorian'esque Corset - fin

This was about where I left of last time wasn't it? I do think it was. Anyway, got it all finished today as, surprise, surprise, I got my eyelet setter in the mail!

So off with me to do away with those pesky edges and have them look all nice and neat.

And why not, now that I'm at it, add some lacetrim?

Punching a lot of little holes adding one eyelet at a time until I could drag it out and give it a whack with a hammer.

Ending up with this very exciting point, at least for me it was! Had been waiting for this moment since Thursday which, in my book, counts as ages.

Laced it up and had the owner put in it and viola!

I'm very please with the outcome, overly I must say, and especially for my first ever corset! Definitely going to try and make some more in the future, it's a ton of fun though it takes a bit of time. Next up; Petticoat! (and I cheated a bit, already sown most of it, but will wait until tomorrow with the update)

SD Sized Victorian'esque Corset - wip 2

Got a bit more finished on that corset today, it's not much, but it is something nonetheless!

Attached tubing on the other side along with support tape and got the front busk attached as well. All I need now it to wait for my hole puncher to arrive in the mail (silly me, why didn't I think of getting one home earlier).

Once that hole puncher arrives I can get the tube and busk attached and get some eyelets in there, add some edging, ribbon, and I can finally have Riku wear it! I hope that will happen Monday next week, but I am not entirely sure, depends on when the hole punch is shipped out.
So, while I wait for that, I will start making the petticoat, one step closer to finally being able working on the main dress! Even then I wont be entirely finished as I still have to make a wig, shawl, and shoes. The wig I can't start up as I'm waiting on a wig cap in the mail, the shawl I already have some faux fur home for, and the shoes will prove to be a challenge I am sure. …

SD sized Victorian'esque Corset - wip

A week ago I sat down and drafted a pattern for a corset, with the help of YourWardrobeUnlocked. Yesterday I got the pieces cut out, made a mock up to see how everything fit and today I got down to work a bit on assembling it.

My messy work table with the bits and pieces I'll be using as I go. Cut the stiffeners out from some plastic sheet I had laying around, they do the job quite nicely. They're not too thick, not too thin. The blue grosgrain ribbon I will be using for the tubing and the flowery ribbon as the, that thing running horizontally inside the corset which I can't for the life of me remember what is called.

 So, after sewing all of the pieces together I went and flattened the seams (had already sewn in the modesty placket in the front, had to be done by hand because you can't exactly get a metal busk in SD size anywhere and will have to come up with your own ideas that will work in the end)

Cut the excess and flattened them to one side.

Started sewing the t…