To-Do for the wedding dress

- Print pattern for cage crinoline and cut out
- Cut out fabric and measure steel wire

- Cut wire to fit
- Sew crinoline
- Get pattern for petticoat and cut out
- Cut out fabric
- Sew petticoat
- Make pattern for crotch less drawers and chemise and cut out
- Cut out fabric
- Sew drawers and chemise
- Pick up where I left off on corset and finish it
- Buy pattern for main skirt and cut out
- Cut out fabric
- Sew skirt
- Make pattern for jacket
- Cut out fabric
- Sew jacket
- Make a pair of shoes
- Make a removable hair piece + d├ęcor

Started sewing again!

I finished sewing a pair of bloomers a few hours ago from some fabric I bought from FeerieDollAtelier on etsy. Have had it laying around for the past 5-6 months now? In any case, I finally got around to sewing those drawers to match the dress, also from FDA.

Not the best picture to show them off properly, but it's pretty late here so it wouldn't have made much of a difference.

After finishing up on these I thought why not sew some more or, rather, finish up on some of all of the projects waiting for me. Lead to me picking up on that wedding dress project of mine.

Having to start just about from scratch with that crinoline cage. This time around I bought the pattern so nothing can go wrong, unless I fuck up myself because of who knows what reason. Also thinking that I'll be making new undergarments as I have a different idea in mind. So really, I am starting from scratch, although not with the corset, that part I am fine with picking up where I left it.

Hope I'll be ab…

Project Resinify Rick and Morty - take two

Finding that SoulDoll does not sell their Roul head separately I kinda got turned off the idea to get that sculpt home. Sure, I could save and all that jazz, but I'd be stuck with a body for who knows how long waiting for it to sell, so why not make things a little easier?
Going digging once more, I thought since they're portrayed spindly thin, why not go look a look around at DollChateau? Perhaps make things even cheaper for my wallet instead of having it bleed out on me. Did actually find something of interest, something I think could work out just wonderfully, a DC Oswald and DC Hugh.
I won't be getting Oswald on his original body as I'm not a big fan of those extra joints so will order the head and their A-body-6. Hope being able to find him some shoes, going by the measurements it looks like it will be easy enough. Will be fun sewing for him as well, never sewn anything for a DC before, hopefully it isn't too much of a pain in the ass.

Project Resinify Rick and Morty

Because I'm such an obsessed nerd I've decided to resin'ify Rick and Morty. I just can't help myself at all. I have yet to find a suiting sculpt for Morty, but I am confident he will show up sooner or later.

Wasn't easy finding a body for Rick, heck, not even sure about the one I did find. Why aren't there more bodies in the 65-70cm range without a raging six pack and what have we? Anyway, for Rick I've decided on a SoulDoll Roul and the possible body would be a RingDoll Grown 68cm body.

With the right faceup the head sculpt would become a perfect Rick and well, granpa with a rocking body? I don't really know what else to do, I like the body and the head would fit onto it, at least it's nothing like the original body Roul sports, talk about ripped...

I'd either commission a wig or try make one my self, never done it, so why not try? If it ends up sucking I can then always find someone to make one for  me. Not sure what to do about eyes, just pic…

Still alive and well

Damn it's been forever here that I last posted anything, but no worries, life happened.

Been my plan for so long to find a suiting sculpt and body for Sandy from RotG. Found it recently! A LittleMonica Jeremy who will go on a DollFamily-H chubby baby body. Getting the body in exchange for a sewing commission, the one I'm sewing for had a DF-H Kelasi who needed a good loving home, and hey, paying with resin is just as good as paying with money.

Soon able to send the last payment on a body for the remaining floatie here and no more floaties! Can't wait to have the body home and see the owner of said body on it. Really do hope it'll fit and will work out, but should, have checked measurements twice to make sure, but you know, you always have your doubts.

Also have quite a Frankenstein project on my hands lately. Got a Luts body where the hands and feet were missing. Or, the feet where there but on one of them the ankle part was missing, so it'll get a pair from ResinS…

20 questions

1.How long have you been collecting?

Going strong on 9 years and don't see any reason for it to stop any time soon

2.What do you collect?


3.How many dolls do you have?

Soon to be 62 ranging from 13cm all the way up to 75cm

4.Which of your collections are you the most proud of? Why?

Only have BJDs so pretty self explanatory

5.Which single doll cost you the most money? (Relatively and literally)

DollShe Saint in dark grey skin. Cost me near $800, no regrets!

6.Which doll line is your favorite to collect and why?

Any and all sizes, don't have one single favourite size no more. Once I was all, "only SDs!", but then things changed and yeah.

7.What made you want to collect dolls?

My first impulse to get one was that I found them wicked cool and simply wanted one for myself, then came the aspect of being able to paint, sew and do all sorts of creative things.

8.Which is your most wanted doll right now?

DOD Elf Ducan, but I'm hesitant about getting him home as I don…

Dress For Liam - Slow Progress Is Better Than No Progress

Seen as I had to sew tubing and everything by hand (my sewing machine is taking some sick leave) I came up with the brilliant idea of hot gluing ribbon to the steel wiring, tying them together and afterwards glue ribbons onto each hoop. Much easier, simpler and a lot less time consuming. I know, I know, it's kind of cheating, but I actually love the result!

Added some more ribbon in between to give the bottom hoop some more stability.
Also got a bit work put down with the chemise and bloomers, albeit not as much as I wanted, but it's coming together alright.

Got a single sleeve attached but not sewn together. Considering adding some lace to the sleeves to make them just a tiny bit longer, but don't know...
Will be getting home this lace to use around the waist and pant legs of the bloomers, and to gather the neck of the chemise by the use of ribbons.

Soon enough I won't be able to go much further with the underwear until said lace arrives in the mail.

Also got this pe…